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 Viviane Fallah is a multidisciplinary artist. She has a BA & MA in contemporary art and music. In 2013 she was one of the 10 artists to win The Free Range Emerging Artist Award. Viviane's work is recognised by Rei Kawakubo owner of Comme Des Garcon for the Homme Deux collection 2014-2015. Since 2017 Viviane's work has been showcased in group exhibitions across the world; alongside some of the most prestigious graphic designers. Viviane's work offers perspective into a variety of themes in a way that is accessible to a wide range of audiences. To learn more, get in touch.



Viviane Fallah Profile

Fibonacci, alchemy, optical illusions and the architectural structures of nature inspire her work. Viviane's work has been selected by (GAA) Global Arts Agency to be featured in "Contemporary Art Of Excellence" Volume IV Investable artists 2021 4th edition. As a lifelong artist, her work is gaining increasing acclaim globally. Viviane Fallah approaes each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.


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